Investigations Specialist

  • Mercury - Banking for Startups
  • Any Office or Remote
  • Oct 04, 2022

Job Description

We’re looking to hire an Investigation Specialist to help us with Transaction Monitoring, Financial Crime Investigations, and Case Management.

As a member of our Investigations team, you’ll help handle our transaction monitoring queues while balancing an eagle eye for risk with excellent user experience. To begin with, you’ll work to help make sure we have smart, risk-based monitoring in place and help build out our case management technology and processes.

You’ll need to learn how a really wide range of businesses work and bring your knowledge to bear on our processes and product. 

Some of this work is repetitive and requires close attention to detail, so we need someone who loves working fraud and anti-money laundering transaction queues and can tackle them with consistent focus day after day.

Here are some things you’ll do on the job:

  • Provide input as we implement new transaction monitoring rules and tune existing ones
  • Review fraud, AML, and other financial crime alerts in our transaction monitoring queue and take action as needed
  • Contact our users for information on their account usage and transactions
  • Work with our partners and internal team members to review and assess information received from users
  • Decision user accounts as needed, including locking or closing accounts
  • Develop an understanding of expected activity for each type of user we work with
  • Document investigative findings and escalate unusual or potentially suspicious activity to our Partners for SAR consideration
  • Develop an unfailing eye for potential fraud or money laundering
  • Conduct enhanced due diligence (EDD) reviews on some of our highest risk users
  • Investigate tools that would make your job easier 
  • Write clear documentation on current processes and help train future teammates

You should:

  • Have experience in detecting fraud, money laundering, or other financial crimes related behavior in banking, fintech, or other financial services through vendor AND in-house developed transaction monitoring rules 
  • Be fluent in the language of bank transactions, including ACH, check, debit card, credit card, and wire transfers, both domestic and international
  • Understand the business banking landscape and have familiarity with international activity and ownership
  • Exercise empathy and understanding when communicating with users
  • Communicate complicated concepts with efficiency and clarity, both in speech and writing
  • Manage relationships with external parties with confidence and kindness
  • Work with efficiency and focus
  • Understand how to keep an organized, clean inbox
  • Love problem solving and making teams, product, and processes more efficient
  • Derive joy from customer joy
  • Keep track of what you’re working on even when you’re working on a hundred different things
  • Enjoy thinking about how to automate as much of your job as possible
  • Have a strong product sense
  • Be curious about the US banking system, startups, and ecommerce companies

Colorado Applicants: Minimum full-time salary range between $76,000-$88,000 + equity + benefits.

Note: Disclosure as required by sb19-085 (8-5-20) of the minimum salary compensation for this role when being hired to work for Mercury in Colorado. Final offer amounts are determined by multiple factors, including candidate experience and expertise, and may vary from the amounts listed above.