VP of Customer Experience

  • Mercury - Banking for Startups
  • Any Office or Remote
  • Mar 09, 2023

Job Description

Building a beautiful customer experience at a fintech startup can present similar difficulties to the proverbial act of discerning the true form of an elephant through touch—you have to contend with massive scale, investigate myriad problem areas that end up being surprisingly meaty, and somehow form a deep understanding of customer needs through a range of wildly disparate touchpoints. 

Blind monks examining an elephant, Hanabusa Itchō (1652-1724)

We started Mercury to build a banking* experience startups would truly love, and we’re looking for a VP of Customer Experience to help us understand, and then nurture, the whole elephant. You’ll lead and scale our CX team in delivering customer support across all channels and product lines to a global user base of 100,000+ businesses, while working closely with other customer-facing teams to deliver on a uniformly excellent customer experience. 

*Mercury is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by Choice Financial Group and Evolve Bank & Trust®; Members FDIC.

Here are some areas you’ll work in on the job:

  • Building a truly great customer experience — this might seem self-obvious but above all else, you should be passionate about building an organization that is obsessed with improving the customer experience at every turn
  • Voice of the Customer — bringing a deep understanding of who we’re serving to the entire company using data and strong storytelling
  • Strategy and Data — building CX into a strategic pillar for the company and powering sound decision-making with thoughtful metrics and a data foundation
  • Org Scaling and Structure — creating systems for great people management and team development at scale (the current team is at 30+)
  • Operational Efficiency — building scaled, efficient operations across products and channels
  • Tooling, Processes, and Vendors — building or implementing tools or programs that drive step change differences in CX speed and quality
  • Product — partnering closely with product teams and driving a culture of product thinking in every layer of our CX organization
  • Risk and Compliance — partnering closely with our Risk and Compliance teams to build a frictionless customer experience across the entire customer lifecycle
  • Marketing and Revenue — partnering closely with our Marketing and Revenue teams to drive customer retention, product adoption, and product advocacy 
  • Talent and People Management — building a team that develops talent and pushes the bounds of empathetic people management at Mercury 

You should:

  • Have strong experience leading a CX organization at a fast-growing startup with complex product lines (e.g. banking, loans, and software tools for finance teams)
    • Fintech or banking experience would probably be handy, but isn’t strictly necessary
  • Feel skilled at building and scaling operationally excellent CX teams with a thoughtful balance of people, product, process, and automation
  • Truly love learning about and empathizing with customers deeply
  • Understand how to build systems that incentivize deeply solving customer needs across the entire organization
  • Tell compelling customer stories with both words and numbers
  • Have a strong understanding of how to build teams with a foundation of data and thoughtful metrics
  • Feel comfortable understanding technical products deeply, and possess a strong intuition for and interest in building beautiful user experiences
  • Enjoy building bridges and driving shared goals with product, revenue, risk, and marketing 
  • Exhibit excellent cultural leadership and communication skills
  • Deeply care about managing people and growing careers at Mercury
  • Enjoy balance—between simplicity and complexity, experimentation and exploitation, risk and reward, modernity and classicism
  • And, ideally, have a sense of humor (doesn’t have to be a good one)

Our salary ranges are based on paying competitively for our size and industry, and all employees receive salary + equity + benefits. Individual pay decisions are based on a number of factors, including qualifications for the role, experience level, skillset, and balancing internal equity relative to peers at the company.

The ranges shared are for the expectations as laid out in the job description, however we are often open to a wide variety of profiles, and recognize that the person we hire may be less experienced or more senior than this job description as posted. If that ends up being the case, the updated salary range will be communicated with you as a candidate.

The salary range for candidates in the US is $275,000–$325,000.